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Twin Lakes Family Wellness Center (TLFWC)


At the heart of the TLFWC lies the power to transform—both yourself and the world around you. Our Mission is to provide excellent programs and services to help support all members of our community no matter your age or ability. 

At TLFWC we provide:

  •  A variety of classes

    • ​Silver Sneakers - A program that pays for memberships, we work with different insurance companies that will pay for membership which includes: Humana, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Untied Health care, and Silver and Fit.

  • Fun Family community programs and events

  • Volunteer and mentoring opportunities

We’re more than a gym—we are a FAMILY committed to helping each other succeed.  A family of dedicated people that are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.  To become stronger each day by strengthening our bodies, minds and neighborhoods.  We Promise to be there for you every day helping you achieve your goals, answering your questions and supporting you.  


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